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Archive for October 21, 2010

Dyeing Scarlet

Historical reference: “dyeing scarlet” was a term used by Shakespeare in Henry IV to mean “inebriated or drunk.”


Dyeing Scarlet

His mind in orbit of hallowed halls

Cases of glass germ made to scare

Anxiety pulsating her tender walls

Where Scarlet alone, his lady fair

A crevasse her castle, he surely won’t find

In the deep, dark depths of his heart

The bubbles of celebration: fates intertwined

Scarlet should have known from the start

But she was naïve, too blind to see

That sociality had become an obsession

Now it’s too late, she’ll never be free

From the bubbles that trigger his aggression

Nothing to do for the crimson is seeping

Nearby, her children are silently weeping


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