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About Me & This Site

Hi! I’m Andrew, and I am a graduate student in Linguistics and I teach academic English composition at the college level. This webpage is a combination of my personal and professional goals and achievements and is used to highlight my written discourse.


All of my work, both nonfiction and fiction, can be found in the My Work section.  My work is divided into fiction and nonfiction categories and further subdivided into poetry and short stories for my fiction work and linguistics and literary criticisms for my nonfiction work. There is easy access to my work in the categorical menu on the right. My Curriculum Vitae section contains the most recent copy of my CV. Check out my Research/ Educational Interests section to find out my specific research goals which continue to mature as my education advances. Included in this section is also my L2 Teaching Philosophy. And for fun and educational purposes, my favorite videos online are in my Great Videos section.


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